Hello Punekars!

Welcome to this new blog, where we are giving you a piece of really great news. You can buy your dream home, or dream flat, or dream bungalow, or vacation destination, or second home, or a farmhouse or a commercial space/shop or simply a piece of land for future residential/commercial or just plain investment purpose, at a very reasonable price and get a fantastic return. If you want to buy a property or invest in real estate, this is the most opportune time.

Here’s why –

#1: Smart Infrastructure Planning and Development.

Our city has always been regarded as a top destination, infrastructure-wise. Over the years, it has been planned and developed very smartly. Unlike Mumbai, Pune is spacious. It has that feeling of comfortability.

Although there are high-rises, they are not cramped up in a single space but sprawl over a vast area. Further, with its huge geography, it has a scope on all sides to expand. In short, there is no dearth of space. And with more smart planning and development, it can truly become India’s first truly Smart Metropolis.

And the PMR (Pune Metropolitan Region) is ready with its 20-year roadmap or proposed Rs. 73K Crore, Draft Development Plan (DDP). If approved, it will make Pune a premium investment destination globally during the most liveable city in India.

DDP aims for sustainable, integrated, eco-friendly, and consolidated growth with features like convenience/mobility, prudency/economic-employment growth, resilience/environment, efficiency/infrastructure, and self-sufficiency/residence amenities.

#2: Growing Industry and Corporates.

Sans pandemic, with no scope for further expansion, Mumbai has been down on Industry and Corporates preference list. And which is a better place than Pune in such close proximity, which offers huge vistas of land at a very reasonable market price. And though the pandemic saw reverse migration, the easing of restrictions, and lowering of COVID-19 cases, migration is again going to flow in over the next few years, providing the industry and corporates with abundant labour and giving real estate players their prospective buyers/tenants.

Pune is also known as the Oxford of the East for its well-established and quality educational sector. It has been an Automotive and IT hub for many years now. And recently, the Centre for American Entrepreneurship has recognized it as an ‘emerging global start-up hub.’ It is already a destination to 3K+ start-ups, with many more coming soon.

#3: Rising Real-Estate Development.

Currently, there are 60K+ fully furnished ready flats available and more than 9K under-construction flats in different high-rises at different localities in and around Pune. Also, the Average Capital Value (ACV) has appreciated in the last few years because of immaculate development in infrastructure in many of the prominent places in the city.

Plus, a balanced demand-supply chain has pushed this average CV further. And since it had already been a part of a hundred Smart City programmes, this has attracted topmost real-estate developers from all across India to the place, and they are launching or are going to launch some of the best real estate projects in and around the city.

#4: Return on Investment.

Pune is witnessing price appreciation of property in the range of 15%-50%, in most of the areas. This is a tremendous increase in terms of per square feet rates. It means more and more people are buying property. And those who cannot buy it are renting it. The residential rentals in many of the areas have gone above 10K+/month giving the investors best return on their investment. While commercial rental is somewhere in between 35K to 70K for budget spaces, showing a huge spur in commercial property price appreciation.

With all these attractive benefits, why are you still just thinking about investing in real estate. Just go out and do it. Current time won’t last forever. So, Hurry Up! Book your Dream Home or Make your Dream Investment, fast or you may lose the chance.

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