Koregaon Park is one of the beautiful and well known  places that you will see in of Pune. Being situated in the heart of the city, it is one of the most established and posh areas with excellent connectivity. Koregaon Park is abbreviated as KP and is famous for Osho Gardens and Osho International Meditation Resort started in the 1970’s. Koregaon Park is an alive and bubbling spot area, where you can find a lot of activities to doYou can find places for extraordinary food, attractions, spas, clubs, shopping spots, spiritual activities, and much more. Koregaon Park is situated about 5.8 km from the Pune International Airport and about 3.8 km from the Pune Junction rail route station.

The region is principally a neighbourhood with rich plant life, yet of late, has been developing into a business centre point too. You can find a lot of commercial properties in Pune, which are bringing luxurious international brands to the place.

Real estate in Pune is enlarging its base as the city is adopting a goos mix of  modern and local culture, many people are investing in the real estate market of Pune. Koregaon Park has some remarkable properties that you can consider buying. Properties with spectacular cityscape, amenities, and services.

Let’s discuss some exciting places you can visit near Koregaon park:

  • Osho Gardens

First on the list, we have Osho Garden – the main attraction in Koregaon Park. The reason why Osho Garden is the main attraction is because of the history it possesses. Osho was a spiritual Guru who came to Pune and established his ashram, where he conducted mediation and rehabilitation programmes. The US citizens would often travel back in the 1970s when Osho conducted his spiritual courses in Koregaon Park. He constructed gardens for the people to spend leisure time in nature.

If you are tired from your work or want some fresh air to breathe and lose yourself in the beauty of nature, then this place can be worth your time. Lush green grass and trees will alleviate your mood. If you are deep into spirituality and mediation, then Osho Mediation Resort conducts paid mediation courses where they teach the art of leaving and mediation techniques. Attending these courses will add value to your life with its worthy ‘Multiversity Programmes.’

  • Phoenix Market City

Shopping can be the most relaxing activity if you have enough money. Many of us love to buy new things. Phoenix Market City was inaugurated in January 2011. It is one of the largest malls in the country, with a retail area of 1.19 million square feet. You can get almost everything under one roof: groceries, fashion, food and bar, automobiles, entertainment, events, and much more. Phoenix Market City includes brands like Adidas, Aeropostale, Aroma Thai, Aldo, Allen Solly, Apollo Pharmacy, and many more.

  • Gandhi National Memorial/Aga Khan Palace

“They cannot make history who forget history.” – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. If you are interested in historical places and want to know more about them, well then, this place will refresh your memories of the 19th century. Gandhi National Memorial has sources of Gandhi’s life events featuring photos, personal items and more.

The Aga Khan Palace was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in Pune, India. The palace showed good motivation by the extraordinary top of the Nizari Ismaili Muslims, who expected to help the poor in the abutting places of Pune, who were hit by starvation. The Aga Khan Palace is a superb structure.

In addition to this, you can try out mouth-watering food and delicacies in restaurants like Sassyspoon, The Daily, 108 cafe, Malaka Spice, Arthurs’s Theme, , to name some. Experience flavourful romantic dine-in with a pleasant ambience, you can find restaurants according to your mood that will spark your taste buds.

Staying in Koregaon Park is like a dream come true with lots of happening places nearby. Koregaon Park has every luxury to experience, and the availability of residential places – 2bhk and 3bhk flats in Koregaon Park is becoming available. . You can find your place in Koregaon Park by reaching out to us; We at Bhatnagars Resl Estate will help your find the right property. We are dedicated to transforming Koregaon Park into a phenomenal place to live. The neighbouring places like Magarpatta, Viman Nagar, and Hadapsar are also progressing and are said to be the best emerging places to live in Pune.

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