Isn’t it amazing when you are in the vicinity of nature all the time? Mother earth has created and showered us with all the natural beauty. Where there is nature, there is purity and blissfulness. People now realize the importance of sustainability and prefer to live in places where there is greenery around them. Let us talk about the importance of nature which includes air, trees, water, and soil.

We are so stressed in our day-to-day lives that there is little mental peace. Imagine you have a house on the lush green hills surrounded with fresh air, and you are sipping coffee! Now that sounds peaceful, right? This is true living. Places like the farmhouses of Lonavala and rowhouses of Khandal, the waterviews of Mulshi and the fresh air of Pawna,  provide the same experience. So what are the benefits of being surrounded by foliage, fresh air and serenity?

What happens when you stay secluded in an artificial environment?

The answer to this question is that when people live in confined places that are tiny, concrete, man-made, they separate themselves from nature. They adopt the lifestyle of being into the artificial environment, which impacts the health and lifestyle of individuals. All around us, we see man-made things like bridges, houses, roads, buildings, etc.

What does staying in a green environment do to your mind and body?

  • It helps improve your memory
  • It can heal your body & helps in weight loss
  • You feel much happier and relaxed
  • You can concentrate better as
  • you trek and walk around the green areas
  • It reduces stress
  • Breathing fresh air strengthens your immune system &Brightens your mood
  • There is an abundance of Vitamin D (It is good for bones)

Living in nature has so many benefits!

Many people are now shifting from cities to outskirts because the peaceful environment and green open spaces People now and for  retirement, are buying properties in tranquil areas. They are either staying there or practicing farming. People are more inclined to live longer in such areas as compared to metro cities.

A farmhouse is an excellent solution to stay away from the complex life of cities. In farmhouses you experience basic living with the essence of minimalism. You can enjoy staying in farmhouses, where there is vegetation, trees, herbs, etc. You will feel much more energetic all the time and do your task efficiently.

Realtors started residential and plotting projects in such places so that people enjoy quality time with nature. Staying amidst nature can get you easy access to fresh air, sounds of birds chirping, and healthy and fresh food. Staying in a farmhouse has fulfilled the dreams of many. Farmhouses in Lonavala and rowhouses in Khandala are some of the options that you can consider.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the hillside of nature. As Lonavala and Khandala are both situated in steep hilly areas, it should be your choice of the list.

Get an exhilarating experience in the Lonavala farmhouses and rowhouses of Khandala. This is not an experience but is a feeling. Live in the greens with all the services that you wish. Watch the birds, animals from the balcony of your sweet home. Stay healthy.

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