Inspecting the property you plan to sell is always a good idea. Though there are various professional services available, you could go ahead to do some basic work for Selling Property.

Here is a useful checklist for self-inspecting before selling property.

1) Start At The Top: 

Selling property isn’t easy. For that, you need to inspect the roof for missing tiles, seepage or other damages. Start from cleaning drain outlets of leaves and other wastages to keep it functional for a while.

2)From The Outside: 

The next step you should choose for selling property is making sure your windows are cleaned, all panes should be in place.

Beware of foggy glass and cracked panes as it shows neglection.

3) Garden Fresh:

Before selling property, make sure your garden is up to the mark. The impression of a property is reflected from the sidewalk.

Being an owner, you should stand there an take a critical look at your house to identify the eyesores from a buyers point of view before selling property.

You should ensure that your garden is trimmed and tidy to make a great first impression. Good weather often influences the buyer’s mood positively.

4)Scrub The Inside:

There is nothing quite like the scrubbed look, especially for kitchens and washrooms for drawing attention. Make sure all the walls, doors and fittings are wiped clean, as it adds to the feel of the house and one should work on it before selling property.

5)System maintenance:

Before selling property, you should get all systems like plumbing, air conditioning, wiring checked and serviced.  Make sure you should inspect the blocked drains and leaky taps as it signifies that your property is not looked after.

This is a good time to replace filters and washers to assure any inspection goes through smoothly.Besure you inspect well before selling  property as repairs take time and you want be ready to sell.


Selling Property in pune


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