The Covid-19 has been transformational for all, affecting different walks of life. Now, one thing is crystal clear- People have realized that the only safest place is their home. They are more conscious of their surroundings and don’t want to live in crowded settings anymore. The months-long lockdowns, social distancing has led to a major shift in the types of amenities people look for in their home. People are now looking for ways to stay connected to nature. Undoubtedly, the best way to do this is by moving closer to nature and living in a home near it. The demand for open spaces such as gardens, jogging tracks, play areas in township settings, farmhouses, bungalows, and villas is at its peak amongst homebuyers. 

A lot of research has been conducted on the benefits of having open space in your township, community premises. It can help you maintain a fit and active lifestyle. Well, there are a lot more reasons why homebuyers are preferring open spaces to live in this new normal remote working culture. Let’s explore!

Health Benefits

Living close to nature can improve mental health, physical health, and even general happiness. For instance, people who live near green spaces have lower levels of stress and anxiety than those who live in more urban areas. This is because they have access to natural settings that help them relax and get back into balance with themselves. Trust us; looking at screens for hours makes people exhausted. It is when spending even a few minutes in the garden adjacent to the home can do wonders. It’s therapeutic, especially when you still need to resume work. Also, most residential apartments for rent in Pune offer a good amalgamation of nature and city amenities, perfect for modern living. 

Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Let’s admit it-Covid-19 has made us all a bit extra careful about our health. Nowadays, most millennial homebuyers are adopting nature as a way of living. They seek to reduce the negative impacts of environmental changes on their health. They prefer homes, bungalows, or villas that have ample dedicated space to create a personal organic garden. Yes, you read it right. These gardens are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. Amazing, right?

Good For Investment

A home close to nature will always be high-priced. People are always ready to pay more for homes that are closer to parks and green spaces, even if they are a bit smaller than homes with less greenery. Greenery, rivers, lakes, and other natural elements can add value to a property. Pune is one such city that’s blessed with nature. If you are looking for the best real estate agents will surely be able to help you find the ideal one.

Is the open space factor enough to buy a home?

The best choice is to buy a home in real estate projects that are being designed with an eye on the future. Here are a few things to know and ask your real estate agent before saying a big yes to a home surrounded by nature, open spaces.

  • Know about the ratio of open spaces. The more the better!
  • Know about the project- Is the area dedicated to open spaces or future construction is in the plan?
  • Know whether open spaces are for aesthetic value or contribute towards sustainable living. 

Phew! We understand buying a property is no cakewalk for most homebuyers. There are more things to consider when you want to buy a home with open spaces. Pune is becoming one of the smartest cities in India, but there’s still a wonderful balance of nature and open spaces. Bhatnagar’s Real Estate, a professional property dealer in Pune, can help you find your dream property with nature in your neighborhood. 

Are you all set to adapt to this concept of new normal living near an open space? Get in touch with us to explore exclusive properties, designed with love for nature in mind!