Wendy Wunder, the author of The Probability of Miracles, said, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” ; people couldn’t relate to it more than during the pandemic. When some of us left home for studies or jobs with dreams in our eyes and hope in our minds none of us had thought we would have to struggle to return home. None of us would be more grateful for the warmth and safety of home as we are today!

While the pandemic has played a significant part for many people desiring to be homeowners, the lower interest rate on home loans further made the dream of owning a home easier during the crisis. However, attractive home loans have cleared the first hurdle in your search for ideal home? What about the locality, amenities, safety, and accessibility, how would you find it all in one project? How will you find a trusted property to invest your hard-earned money? This is where a trusted, reputed and knowledgeable realtor comes into the picture.

Why engage the services of a broker/ realtor?

With the help of proliferation services, home buyers and sellers think they can easily complete the various procedures without the assistance of the broker. That is why they have been refraining from hiring a real estate agent to save on commission. However, not every person has the knack of the real estate field, where to invest, what is the current scenario, what are the correct prices,  attention to detail.  And important, the latest knowledge about the laws and regulations when transacting, and often missing out or misjudging any of these aspects could end up being more expensive in the long run than paying the brokerage/service charges/ commission.

Let’s get into details and find out why hiring a real estate agent could be more beneficial for you when buying a property.

  1. Better access to the range of properties

    Real estate agents act as a liaison between buyers and sellers and thus have access to a number of properties listed in the market by owners as well as by other agents. So as a buyer, you have a better, wider choice to choose from. A broker will understand your needs and requirements and match that to properties in the market. When buying a property involving a broker saves a lot of leg work and hassle.
    For example, when buying a home, your agent will search and track down the properties suitable to your criteria, get in touch with the seller’s agent/owner and make an appointment for you to visit the property. Without an agent in the picture, you will have to do it all by yourself. Your broker has already vetted the details of the property, before you see it, making the process of site visits easy and seamless.

  1. Easier negotiation

    Many people think direct negotiation between buyer and seller is often more transparent. However, when buying a property negotiation is a tough task. Especially for those who don’t have the knack for it and one needs to be aware of the market trend and the current prevailing rates to get a good deal.
    With an agent managing the process you can express your concerns through the agent regarding the costs, the interior, and any other aspect without offending the seller. Real estate agent makes the process smoother by speaking in tough transactions while keeping things from getting personal between buyer and the seller.

  1. Hassle-free contracts

    With the closing, every property deal comes hefty documentation. Here, the realtor’s updated knowledge about laws and regulations, field experience, and attention. That detail helps you close the deal with a contract that protects the deal as well as ensures you can back out when certain conditions aren’t fulfilled.
    A reputed and experienced real estate agent knows about the minute details of the contracts, the conditions to be used, and ensure the contract protects you as it is their regular job.

Finding the right realtor: Quick tips

The process of buying a property isn’t as simple as many people assume. Although, involving a real estate agent makes the process easier, hiring the wrong or inexperienced realtor can make property buying more tedious.

So, how to hire the right realtor? Here are quick tips to help you.

  • Ask for referrals to your family and friends.
  • Ensure that the broker is RERA registered
  • Research the potential realtors.
  • Interview at least 2-3 real estate agents.
  • Request references and check them.
  • Review the contract before you move forward.

Buying a property requires more than a financial investment, it’s an investment of your time, energy, and hopes. And hiring right real estate agent will ensure process of finding your ideal property is easier, quicker, financially &emotionally safer for you.

So, when thinking of buying a property think of hiring a realtor first.

We at Bhatnagars Real Estate, have been in the market for over 40 years and are well versed with the latest trends, prices and locations. Do get in touch with us for your real estate needs.