Western Pune: An Emerging Commercial Property Investment Destination



For a few months now,demand for Commercial Properties Market in Pune is on the uptrend. This trend of increased demand in rentals for offices and shops alike has been felt across the city.

With a decline in the number of spaces being constructed and a rise in the number of start-ups, offices and other more established companies looking for better / larger/ extra offices, commercial investment for good returns makes future growth. This trend is going to continue for some time to come.

This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to invest in commercial properties in Pune.

Bhatnagars Real Estate, a long established boutique real estate agency in Pune is offering some of the best commercial properties on the market which you can buy/rent today.



The major benefits of investing in these properties are : 

Higher rental yield: as compared to the residential properties.

Low vacancy periods — There is a high demand for office rental meaning investors can expect a steady flow of secondary monthly income.

Longer lease period — Tenants generally sign leases over several years instead of minimum 12 month which is usual in the residential market.

Good capital Appreciation — Shops/Showrooms attract long stay tenants like banks/MNC’s and tend to appreciate faster than other investments.


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