It’s only when you accept things, that change truly takes place. A step is closer to what you want. Homes have a similar effect on people. There are those who get what they were looking for either substantially or somewhere in that range and remain happy because by and large they got what they wanted. This is the kind who will not just adjust but also find ways to make a house a home with slow but steady changes and renovations. Come to think of it, it’s only when you accept a house that you plan for its essential changes to make it a home. To whittle down the issue, we give you a few pointers on how a home ought to be made of a house:

  • Make a list of points that you would look for in your ideal home.
  • Segregate those points into ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ By taking this step, you clearly delineate between what are your priorities and what comes next.
  • When it’s about properties, keep your area of search very, very wide. Your ideal home could be in the center of the city which could cost a BOMB. What if for your stated budget, you get a palace in the suburbs? Would you still hold on to your “dreams” or would it be a nightmare given that city centers are perennially short of space, amenities, and mindsets?
  • It’s rare to find all the qualities that you look for in one house. If it does, thank your lucky stars, and stop being critical of small details including paint and plaster peeling off, not-so-great neighbors. Instead, make a resolution to work towards these. Keep budgets, time, and patience in reserve in such situations which could with the right attitude bring you bounties of happiness.
  • Despite your best search, you may end up with an ideal house that has major issues. In this case, take up the issue of changing things with the same zeal and vigor as a project i.e., look at the larger picture and long-term prospect.
  • Happiness and a quiet sense of satisfaction are paramount. These come when you are ready to tweak your goals and needs and are willing to accept things in the face of reality. With time what you get is a Home that in no small measure is way ahead of any house!

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