This is bigger than any Soccer World Cup or Olympic Games by some margin. Dubai is hosting the next World Expo in October 2020. The announcement of the Expo in Dubai has boosted the off-plan property sector and it is mostly the reason why almost 50 buildings (35 to 112 storeys high) are in various stages of completion. The Expo will attract an estimated 25 million visitors (huge!) from 180 countries during the 6-month period – it translates into about 4 million visitors per month! Investors who are buying property near the Expo highlights will receive exceptional high returns on investment – now before the expo, but also in future. The Expo’s duration is six months and millions of visitors will need to rent property. The rental demand will be high, enabling landlords the flexibility to increase rents during this time.

In spite of a challenging summer climate the city is doing everything possible to make it enjoyable for citizens and visitors alike. Dubai created the Ministry of Happiness in 2016. The primary duty of the ministry is to develop programmes and policies to improve the happiness levels of Dubai’s (mostly) residents, but visitors as well. This endeavour is made visible by the way the city and its immaculate highway system is developed and integrated.

Dubai, although a young city compared to other mega cities, is maturing and taking on a character and personality of its own. With this maturity its economic and property profiles are benefiting from a rapidly growing population. Potential investors should acquaint themselves with what is happening “on the ground” and how the changing demographics will work in their favour when purchasing property.

Although oil (and all its derivatives) is still Dubai’s major source of income, it is already showing that tourism will overtake the fossil fuel driven economy in the foreseeable future. Tourism, and its widespread effect on trade, business services and other industries will ensure solid yields for investors in property for many years to come. The current construction spree of new hotels and real estate projects is a direct result of Dubai’s growing tourism industry. Some people are fearful that they current growth is a ‘bubble’ and that Dubai (UAE) will fall flat after oil – whenever that is. The Dubai authorities are convinced that their planning and strategies will ensure a smooth and successful transition ‘from oil to tourism’ during the next two decades.

Dubai is continuously advancing its transportation infrastructure – and this is something to behold! The US-based Hyperloop One is creating an expedited transportation route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hyperloop One prepares to launch the world’s first operational Hyperloop system, allowing passengers to travel between the emirates in pods at 1 200 km per hour. The project’s goal is to provide transportation from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes (90 minutes by car). Hyperloop One estimates that approximately 4 000 vehicles commute daily from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Other than that Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority controls (and delivers) all aspects of transport; road (taxis and buses), rail (operator-less train and tram), air, and water. Transport is reliable, modern, affordable, convenient and safe.

Investing in Dubai’s real estate market is tax-free. Purchasing a commercial or residential property will not include taxes, but for a 5% VAT that was introduced in 2018. However, once the property is purchased, owners will not be obliged to pay additional taxes in the future – you will never receive a “rates and taxes” statement!

Property project launches in Dubai are estimated to increase as its population grows each year. The Dubai Statistics Centre announced that Dubai’s population in January 2016 was an estimated 2.4 million and will reach 5.2 million by 2030 – more than double the current number within only 12 years.


DAMAC Properties’ management believes the Company offers investors the opportunity to participate in the future growth of a leading luxury property developer in Dubai and the Middle East. The Company has a proven track record of delivery through all market cycles, having delivered just Above 20 000 (20,205) units since launching its first residential development in 2002. As of 30th September 2017, the Company has 44 000 units at various stages of planning and development across the Middle East. DAMAC Properties’ hospitality portfolio will extend to reach around 13 000 units of hotel rooms, serviced hotel apartments and serviced villas.

DAMAC Properties intends for investors to benefit from attractive returns, driven by strong financial results and enhanced margins resulting from the Company’s full development phase business model.

The Company aims to maintain a progressive dividend policy, but reserves the flexibility to amend the policy going forward, depending on market conditions.

Geographic expansion, across key target markets that are customer led, alongside product innovation, such as co-branded developments with premium brands, ensure that the Company is well positioned for future growth.

  • Internationally recognised brand
  • Leading growth of the premium Dubai property market and beyond
  • Proven business model with strong margins and attractive returns
  • Advanced in-house design, sales and project execution as well as service and hospitality capabilities
  • Future growth secured by existing development pipeline and ability to source new opportunities
  • Highly experienced management team and a committed founding shareholder

DAMAC Properties’ strong reputation and internationally recognised brand is based on its track record of delivering high quality, luxury developments, such as its five hotel apartment projects in the Burj area of Dubai, the award-winning Park Towers, Ocean Heights, Marina Terrace in Dubai and Al Jawharah, its Versace co-branded project in Jeddah.

Key to DAMAC Properties’ financial success is its ability to generate strong sales on units in a project from launch. The Company has a number of dedicated in-house teams, including Sales and Marketing, Design, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Acquisitions, which are instrumental in every step of the design, construction and sales process.

DAMAC Properties has a high-quality, well-located pipeline of in-progress developments, which will drive near-term growth, both within the UAE and internationally. Its expansion into branded apartments, serviced apartments and hotel villas has enhanced the Company’s future growth, with top associations with internationally recognised brands such as Tiger Woods Design, The Trump Organisation, Versace Home, Fendi Casa, Just Cavalli, Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Bugatti.

Part of DAMAC Properties’ conservative business model, of paying the majority of construction costs from instalment payments received on sales of units, allows it to operate at low levels of leverage as well as mitigating risk to the Company’s pipeline. Its conservative and flexible capital structure, alongside management’s agility, also enables it to respond quickly to changes in the economic cycle.

The Company is led by a management team of directors and senior managers with significant experience in the real estate construction industry, as well as in marketing, human resource management, company administration, corporate finance, legal and accounting. The Board draws its knowledge and skills from both local and international experience.


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