Why Invest In Residential Property

Why invest in a home?

 Real estate has been bought by people for pure self-occupation or investment or both.

Unlike stocks and other newer financial instruments, this has been known to common man for centuries even before stock exchanges came in to existence.

Real estate gives you better control of your assets because property is a tangible asset that can be leveraged to capitalize on numerous revenues streams, while simultaneously reaping the capital appreciation.

Real estate has a high tangible asset value.

There will always be a tangible value in your house. Other investments can leave you with little to nil tangible asset value such as a stock which can dip to zero, or a new car which decreases in value over time..

Real estate values will always increase over time.

History continues to prove that thelonger you hold onto your real estate, the more you will make. The housing market has always recovered from past bubbles that caused home appreciation to slip, and for those who held on to their investments this time, prices have returned to normal, and appreciation is back on track.

Inspiteof the fact that property investing may not be an easy task for everyone, investing in residential property can give benefits in multiple ways.

Returns from a Residential Property: 

From the pure personal financial perspective , there are three reasons as to why one must invest in a home or invest in a residential property: –

  • Self Occupation: To have a safe roof/shelter to live in (or save rents)
  • Investment/Renting: For rental income or price appreciation
  • Gain from Capital appreciation



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Why Invest In Residential Property? you got the right answer

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