The lockdown has changed the way in which people viewed homes.  Fresh air, lifestyle changes, family bonding, work from home have are now the focus.

The vertical expansion of buildings is also somewhere causing suffocation state in terms of peace. Away from the hustle bustle of these urban areas, People have started to invest in getaway or weekend homes, farm house plots in locations that are area, where they can live hustle bustle free life.

Following are some of the top benefits of owning a farmhouse and weekend homes:

1. An exceptional natural view, Fresh Air and scenery: 

Sometimes, all we need is a change of scene in order to boost our mood. Luckily, Pune offers some wonderful options when it comes to natural beauty and landscapes. You can simply embrace the beauty of nature, every time your heart desires. and, if you make it a point to get out of the city every now and then, you will return with a refreshed vigour, feeling inspired and ready to face the daily life.

2. Social Distancing:

Owning Farmhouse and weekend home is better for maintaining social distance in this covid-19 pandemic. You stay away from the city and crowded places to maintains social distance and get to live in a conducive environment 

3. Safe and Secure:

With an increase in the number of cases and the fear of its spread, people in metros and other urban pockets have hit the path of reverse migration, keen to be back in their villages, where it is open and living can be  freer. A rethink of their urban lifestyle and a keen interest to get back to their hometowns and back to their roots is evident. Many weekend home owners  businessmen, bureaucrats and officers have moved out of Pune and other cities, and are living in their farmhouses.

4. Family & Life Balance:

The farmhouse that People visited once or twice a month has now become their safe haven. When They Moved with family to their farmhouse. which they claim is “safe from any infection and crowding”. They struggled to settle down for a couple of days. But the children are now trying their hand at farming and are spending “quality” time together and maintain their life balance.

5. Work from Home (WFH):

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed office culture. companies announce a mandatory work-from-home policy for their employees to curb the spread of coronavirus. Many youngsters are heading back to their hometowns to work. People can’t bear to sit within the four walls of a house and work So they moved to Farmhouse and Weekend house to feel free and relax and work.

6. An instant holiday, also affordable and easy: 

The greatest benefit of owning your own farmhouse is that you can take a holiday whenever you want. No need to spend time and money on travel, hotels, etc. Nothing can match up to the feeling of spending a wonderful weekend in your own farmhouse. Moreover, the hills, forests, forts, adventures, and valleys all are within your reach.

7. An additional source of income: 

If you have been thinking that owning a weekend farmhouse would be costly and maintaining it can be another hassle, then there’s an easy and effective solution to that. You can convert it into an additional source of income by renting it our as a vacation or weekend site. Simply register your property on various travel/vacation websites. Investing in a farmland plot and farmhouse for weekend getaways near Pune is a win-win situation. If you’re looking for farmhouse plots for sale near Pune.


Top 10 trends in Weekend Homes post COVID-19

1)      A weekend home is emerging as a NEED and not just an aspirational asset to invest in. It will no longer be a discretionary purchase.

2)      Weekend homes close to a city with good infrastructure and internet connectivity will be used as a workplace as well as a first home.

3)      In addition to being a weekend retreat, weekend homes will be safe and secured homes to stay in crisis situation like COVID-19, away from the city.

4)      People will prefer to spend holidays and vacations in their weekend homes instead of travelling to holiday destinations.

5)      People will buy weekend homes in gated communities with all amenities instead of investing in stand-alone farmhouses or villas.

6)      Millennials (age 21 to 37 years) will invest in weekend homes.

7)      For many buyers, this will be their first real estate purchase.

8)      Fractional ownership of weekend homes will emerge and become popular.

9)      Preference for apartments and villas instead of plots.

10)   Demand for farmhouses with farming instead of luxury villas.


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