Sample the following statistics:

  • Oxford of the East
  • Detroit of India
  • India’s best city to live in
  • India’s 7th largest in terms of GDP
  • One among India’s few cities that due to its location has clean air and water year-round
  • One among India’s few cities that had a hoary past and is destined to make the future of India bright

No prices for guessing which this city is. Of course, it HAS to be Pune!

And while you admire these reasons for their merits, be informed that each of these goes a long way in making life beautiful, meaningful, and peaceful in India’s best and most liveable of cities. Pune

Today we give you five reasons for buying real estate in Pune, be it a residential property or commercial property!


1. It’s got the best services and amenities that go towards making a good work-life balance

There are cities in India that are far cheaper, less crowded, and very Indian in every sense. Yet, they don’t make the cut when it comes to buying a property in Pune. Why? Because they lack the coming together of the basics of life without which life isn’t worth living. It includes a mix of a good place to live (and do that for ages), great neighborhoods, jobs, education for children starting from school to college and beyond, safety for everyone, more so the young, women and the old, weather including water and air quality, to name some.

Close your eyes and contemplate for a minute about a city in India that gives you these in ample quantities. Your mind would stop at ONLY one. PUNE! Buy property in Pune and you would find all the positives of life in India!

2. Pune is getting better connectivity courtesy the Metro which shall improve the quality and time taken in travel within the city and suburbs

The smartest city of India is getting its share of metro-rail that snakes thru the city in various directions. Predominantly on three lines which would cover all the important suburbs and the center of Pune, it would be the one project which besides increasing FSIs for some existing structures, would result in making hitherto places in Pune more accessible from different directions and increase real estate value in Pune. Real estate in Pune and suburbs along these routes as also nearby would be the ‘hot cakes’ of the near future which ought to be procured at the earliest. These besides, there are already plans to extend existing routes to touch more places and bring prosperity to Pune and its seriously extended suburbs.

3. Increase in demand for better living and greener area post the COVID 19 pandemic:

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the worth of living in places that’s not too crowded and have more than their share of green areas. Pune has both of these and has them in substantial numbers as per PMC’s own study in the year 2015. As against the government’s norms of 25 lac trees for the city, Pune has in excess of 38 lacs! Pune in fact has some of the best and more happening of suburbs which stretch all across the city in a circular pattern and takes care of urban settlement in an equitable manner.

4. Cosmopolitan living spaces and environment

Pune is one of modern India’s cities that has the right mix of educational institutions and industries. In the former, it’s called the Oxford of the East. In the latter, the automotive and engineering hub of India. Put together, it’s one of the most powerful magnets that attract people from not just their modest corner of India but the world! They come in droves and bring with them their culture, language, food habits, and most of all, their stories in thoughts. Being in substantial numbers, they give Pune a very composite culture that speaks and thinks in many languages and mediums. They also create a very cosmopolitan environment that demands world-class living spaces. And for once, this city provides it in numbers!

5. Safety

Pune is one of the safest cities in India. As per authoritative sites and entities close to 80% of women have no problem going around all parts of the city during the day and most parts of the evening. With the city’s growth going through the roof, things do turn less than nice at times but thankfully those happen only once in a while and people friendly and helpful as they remain close to help. With a strong cultural and linguistic influence, the natives of Pune make it a point to take up contentious issues with their elected representatives to find solutions.

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