Benefits of Living Small House

Big size to small size… no this isn’t about weight loss… it’s about deciding to move to a smaller house and being more comfortable! How is it possible to more comfortable when the house gets smaller?

First, let’s understand why one would move into a bigger house? The common reasons are getting a higher income, growing family, increased requirements, status symbol and so on. Most of them indicate a positive change in your lifestyle. Here are 5 ways that Benefits of Living Small House makes life easier:

Energy saving

Let’s see how a smaller space works to our advantage. Moving from a big house to a smaller one means you would be clearing off unnecessary items. Small space means less baggage, less cleaning, less expensive maintenance, and cozier spaces– that is a lot of benefits. The space limitations will put a curb on irrelevant purchases. Money-saving will be noticed as light bills come down, as do other maintenance costs. The overall effort to live here is less in terms of money and time. Your Savings could grow, So that long-planned holiday may become real, also when it is locked up, the modest small home could be safer. Benefits of Living Small House

 Time and money

With lesser work around the house, it would give you more free time to follow hobbies, catch up with friends or just slow down the pace of life. Sitting together with family increases, as the room spaces will get shared look forward to more fun with the children or grandchildren. The smaller garden patch will be easier to beautify. Benefits of Living Small House

A strong point in favor of a small house is that you could resell it more easily, as it is likely to fall into the affordable’ category. The likely customers could be young people just starting off, or seniors who are considering downsizing and slowing down. That means a wide range of possible buyers and a hope of a good return on your investment. That should encourage you to consider a smaller residence and being happier as your lifestyle actually improves.

You’re Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Small houses consume less energy and use fewer materials in the building process. But in addition to these environmental benefits, small houses are also generally built-in more walkable areas, which means you don’t have to jump in the car just to get a gallon of milk. And since buying a small house will often mean buying an older home, you will be preserving the environment by not building new—which is the ultimate in recycling.

You Have More Free Time

Along with buying less stuff because you have no room for it, you will also avoid the time costs of maintaining all that stuff, as well as the time cost of keeping your large house clean and in good repair.

Living in a small house means that the needs for your home take a smaller bite out of your free time, allowing you to pursue the things in life that you are really passionate about.

Optimize Your Space

People will often want a big house for reasons that seem perfectly logical: they need space for overnight guests, or a large dining room for the annual Christmas party, or a restaurant-sized kitchen for when the whole family comes for Grandma’s birthday dinner.

But these kinds of reasons ignore how families actually use their space on a day-to-day basis. You will be much happier using all of your available space the 360 days of the year you do not have overnight guests, parties, or dinner for twelve, rather than having unused space for the majority of the year. It’s better to plan for regular rather than irregular use since it’s easier to find creative solutions for infrequent problems.

You’re more likely to Know Your Neighbors and enjoy community living

Big houses are often on big lots. You can easily wave at your neighbor while you’re both getting in the car in the morning, but it takes a little more effort to actually spend time with them.

Small houses are often set closer together. Spend an afternoon sitting on your porch, and you’ll have the chance to see children playing on the sidewalk, neighbors doing yard work, and the nice couple down the street walking their dog. It really is easy to be a good neighbor when you don’t have to walk a quarter-mile to get there.

Do you ever have the desire to live in a smaller (or bigger) home? Why? Tell us in Comment below.

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