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Why invest in a commercial property in Pune in today’s market because It is widely known that real estate investment gives secure and good returns. It is a tangible asset when compared to mutual funds I would say. Over a reasonable period of time, you can get a good amount of return from it that not only you but also your future generations can enjoy.

Those investors who bought properties at a lower cost i.e. under-construction project, distress sales, etc. and have held on to their asset now getting good returns on their investment when the market has slowed down and the stock market is declining.

Today, after de-monetizing was introduced, GST was implemented the real estate market fell and prices have been low. Further with the introduction of RERA act in place, plenty of fly by night and non-performing builders and developers have left fled real estate scene. TODAY builders and developers are accountable for their project, it’s planning, promises made for the design, the amenities and plans have to adhere to and delivered.

After the RERA act was introduced the prices of commercial properties are low as compared to the prices a few years back.

Now is a good time to get into the invest in a commercial property in Pune real estate market, mainly because:

  1. Strong RERA rules are in place and have to be adhered to.
  2. Only developers with the ability to complete projects are in the market and have got their RERA number after all the formalities have been completed.
  3. With new government policies that are being introduced to encourage corporates to set up in India the demand for commercial real estate will increase.

If you are thinking to invest in Commercial property in Pune we would highly suggest you check Project The HQ located on the prominent boat club road location in Pune. It is a RERA registered Commercial office & shop project (MAHA RERA No. P52100019356) with latest designs and building technology.

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Invest in a commercial property in Pune

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