Is Real Estate Agent As A Marriage Counselor?

The realtor as a marriage counselor you ask And just how might common experience that happens? It is for estate brokers to be a caught between the requirements husband and wife when it of a specifying what kind comes of a house they require. There may be several contradictions about location, size, facilities and just about anything!

Experience Count

As an experienced agent will tell you that the best way to deal with this situation is to ask the warring couple to list their separate requirements. Further, they must do this with a priority listing order. Is the size and layout the most important? How do you feel about the commuting to work, if you plan to stay away from the city? How will your children manage their education and other activities in case you live at a distance? And are you ready to drive them to their friends and other places? Your strength lies in not just interrogating them, but understanding

Window Shopping

As the list is made, you will see the priorities slowly matching up. This will give you a rough idea to properties. As they offer them a sampling of seeing these trial properties, they will work out their essential requirements as against those that fall under the “dream home” category. Doesn’t that get you closer to another successful deal with the bonus of satisfied clients added to your portfolio?

 Two Heads Better Than One

When planning the site visits, do get the couple together. This will help them to form a more balanced assessment of the property. Of course, you are there in the background to gently remind them of their requirements as they had mentioned in their lists, just in case the discussions go off track. Having worked your way smoothly around the husband-wife differences don’t you now agree that marriage counseling is a part of the good real estate agent’s daily routine? We are sure you do!

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