First time home buyers deal better

The first time move into anything school, college, a job even cycling is always an exciting experience with just that little bit of “What if something goes wrong?” fear lurking in the background. Fortunately, when it comes to home buying there is time to proceed after thinking the project through. Yes, everyone wants that palace with a gorgeous view and fantastic interiors. Why be ‘everyone’? Be you!


What can I afford?

This is the first and most important factor you must be clear about. Get your bills together for a real image of your fixed monthly expenditures. Add a percentage for emergencies. Now balance out income and an EMI you can handle. Remember your income is expected to rise over time. Allow for maintenance and taxes. If this seems overwhelming you could approach a housing finance company and get an evaluation for loan eligibility. There are several online calculators too.

What fits me?

The skin fit narrow bottom jeans are the in thing, but I never buy them because they not my thing. Now if I know that, I also know what kind of a house will cover my requirement say for 5 years. A studio apartment for a single person or a new couple may be fine, but if you are planning on growing your family soon a one-bedroom may be a better fit. The other factors to consider would be location, neighborhood, commute to work, shopping and entertainment and the like.

Is this a smart decision?

Choices made in haste are often a waste. A beautiful quaint building at a bargain price! Great, sure have look! But when it comes to buying consider the building condition, repair and redoing costs and most importantly the recurrent long term maintenance.

Now rethink – is it worth it? That is smart.

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