Are you contemplating selling your property? why should hire real estate Agent? What are the benefits of hiring a real estate agent? How should one go about it? What would be the right price? How long will it take? Where should one begin? Selling your home requires more than making legal agreements and penning signatures. It requires a Strategy. In the Technology age, buyers are highly informed, Property buying is a huge investment and potential buyers are not only educated and equipped with information but also keep abreast with the developments in the industry. To sell property, there are two options that one can choose from

1 Selling Property by Yourself:

In case you want to sell the property by yourself, you should be well-versed with the market and the administrative process. You will need to identify prospective buyers. You will need to spend time and money on advertising and promoting your property. Free listings do not bring many leads. There are two forms of advertising online and offline. The most effective form of offline advertising is placing a classified ad in a local newspaper. This process will take your so much time and you need to talk to, deal with each interested person and show property repeatedly.

Exclusive Property Agent:-

You could appoint an exclusive property agent for the property. The advantages are many. To begin with, he is entrusted with the responsibility of locating a suitable buyer for you. Firstly an experienced agent has a strong trusted network of contacts, carefully built over many years. He would, therefore, know how to market your property to the right market, and where to look for prospective buyers. This will not only expedite the process but save you the stress of doing so. Secondly, a property agent also has in-depth knowledge of the process to be followed, the latest laws, shortcuts, loopholes, and formalities in the documentation process. Thirdly, she/he representing you will assist in the negotiations, acting as a mediator for you, thereby making the process of selling smoother for you.


1. Today homes are bought through comparison and by looking at several properties online and physically. You only have 1 home to show.

2. You are not aware of the tastes and requirements of the buyer, nor do you have first-hand knowledge of competitive values.

3. You are not familiar with the selling process or the transfer of the property process, your agent will be.

4. The buyer is usually timid about discussing his financial status with you and you are similarly reluctant. The agent will facilitate this for you

5. You do not have time to leave your job/daily routine to help the buyer arrange their financing, nor do you have the expert knowledge of the current home market.

6. You cannot readily negotiate a price with your buyer. But the third-party, your REALTOR, can work out negotiations.

7. The average visitor will not admit freely to you his likes or dislikes, yet these must be brought to the open.

8. You cannot “follow-up”, since this at once will be interpreted as your anxiety to sell in a hurry.

9. You may make needless improvements to improve your property for selling; The REALTOR’s experience can save you needless expense.

10. Your hearing conflicting suggestions from well-meaning friends; REALTORS have answers from experience.

11. You may show your property to 100 would-be buyers, spend your time, money and effort — and eventually pay a commission to a broker who property screens prospective purchasers.

12. You may accept an insincere offer and then spend weeks/months in litigation, to free your property in order to put it on the market once more.

13. You may find buyer’s and seller’s personalities conflict, thereby losing a good sale. The REALTOR, as a third party, can diplomatically consummate the sale.

14. Most buyers will call a REALTOR – they’re free and do all the work.

15. Most buyers work with a REALTOR – for negotiating on their behalf, realizing the pitfalls of direct negotiating.

16. The REALTOR with enlist the services of other REALTORS to help sell your home. Giving the owner the advantage of their entire local sales market.

17. The REALTOR will price the property to sell at fair market value. The average for sale by Owner over-prices but eventually accepts an offer below Market Value.

18. ”For Sale by Owner,” signs say “Curiosity Seekers Welcome”. Your REALTOR will screen the lookers from the qualified buyers.

19. Your REALTOR guarantees their work. agent get paid only when your home is sold and you have received the proceeds from the sale.


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